Through the Marine Layer

First Bike Ride of the Year

Yesterday morning, I embarked on my first bike commute of the year. It was through what we in San Diego call the marine layer, that fog that rolls in over the coast and the city from the Pacific Ocean. Some parts of the ride was thick with ground level clouds while a clear path was seen further out. It’s just one part of my cycling journey.

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Welcome to My Universe

Welcome to my bike path, where I discuss discuss my creative issues along with what goes on in my personal life. While these things can easily be compartmentalized, they really aren’t separate at all. I’m a writer, artist, educator, cancer survivor, and, of course, cyclist.

I am an MFA alum. I graduated from the program at San Diego State University twelve years and my project Resplendence, featuring both text and image, can now be identified as a hybrid text. My narrator is obsessed with his Gold Lady and my Resplendence-related portfolio can be accessed on Continue reading “Welcome to My Universe”